Schon gehört, daß Michael Jackson gestorben ist?

Mir war langweilig und da habe ich mal meine MJ-relevanten “tweets” vom Tag seines Todes gesammelt. Warum auch nicht.

I don’t care what CNN says (“hospitalized”), as soon as “RIP Michael Jackson” hits the Twitter trends, I’ll consider him officially dead. (11:44 PM Jun 25th, 2009)

The Internet has spoken. (RIP Michael Jackson. Also: Way to steal Farrah Fawcett’s thunder.) (11:52 PM Jun 25th, 2009)

CNN was faster to declare Revolution in Iran than Jacko’s death. Listen, a million uninformed Twitter users can’t be wrong! (12:05 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

The tragic thing about all of this is that Ryan O’Neal had just accepted Jackson’s marriage proposal a few weeks ago. (12:15 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Coma! (12:21 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Death! (12:26 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Michael Jackson. Awesome music; very, very weird person. Let’s all do as I did for years: remember the former and forget about the latter. (12:43 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Or, you know, “The Wiz”. What a mess that was. (12:44 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

In 1992, I acquired my first album, Jackson’s “Dangerous”, on cassette tape. I loved it, but I haven’t really listened to it in years. (1:34 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

“Moonraker” was the greatest film of all time to me when I was 10 years old. I wonder if it would hold up now. (2:09 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Das ging schnell: Michael Jackson schiesst über Nacht auf die 4., 3. und 2. PLätze der Vinyl-Charts. (5:52 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Michael Jackson’s comeback and re-entering of the charts will be bigger than anyone had imagined. He’ll be the Falco of this millenium. (6:05 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

When I was eight years old, I saw the “Dirty Diana” video on TV and asked my older brother why they were allowed to show that woman topless. (7:58 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

That’s not saying much for me, I know, but listening to “Earth Song” brings tears to my eyes every time. Damn. (8:02 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

I don’t know how up-to-date’s charts are, but right now MJ is on 67. Let’s see where he’ll be in 24 hours.( 8:26 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Kimmel does everything right regarding walking the line in making fun of Jackson’s death in his monologue. (8:51 AM Jun 26th, 2009) – Do the Bartman! Written by none other than Michael Jackson himself. (9:05 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Not surprisingly, “Dangerous” holds up very well. The second side is pure awesome. Black or White, Who Is It, Will You Be There… perfect! (9:32 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

Spoke to my mother on the phone just now, exchanging memories of early 90s Jacko Fever. Nobody will ever be as big a mega-star as he was. (9:41 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

I’ve been lucky, really. Born five years later and maybe all I’d known of Michael Jackson was the wacko stuff, not the wonderful music. (9:46 AM Jun 26th, 2009)

I don’t blame Jacko’s death on the sunshine, or the moonlight. Don’t even blame it on the good times. I do, however, blame it on the boogie. (1:43 PM Jun 26th, 2009)

I should win a prize or something, me being the millionth person on Twitter to make that lame and obvious “Blame it on the Boogie”-joke. (2:12 PM Jun 26th, 2009)

Die @titanic macht das mit den Jackson-Liedtext-Witzen schon wesentlich besser: (2:23 PM Jun 26th, 2009)


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