Oh Nooey!

There must be something very wrong with me.

As any decent person would, I fell in love with Zooey Deschanel the minute I first saw her in Almost Famous. But that doesn’t have to mean anything, really. Cameron Crowe can make Renée Zellweger look desireable.

Then I saw her in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and fell in love all over. Again, the circumstances worked in her favor here – I thought the H2G2 movie was, along with the books (and maybe the towel) among the best adaptations of Douglas Adams’ little radio programme.

Enter The Happening. Now, I didn’t see it, and there’s a distinct possibility that it’s all just an enormous in-joke that M. Night is playing on all of us. But most likely it’s just a huge, steaming pile of movie shit. (Unfortunately, the hilarious video with all of the movie’s ‘best scenes‘ is no longer available.) But watch Deschanel in this and tell me you don’t feel sorry for her. That you don’t just want to get in there, knock Marky Mark unconscious, grab Zooey and get her the hell away from that movie.

So when I first heard of her and M. Ward’s musical outing, She & Him, I never thought it could be anything less than great.

And it isn’t. Just look at this video for In The Sun:

It’s perfect. The music. The visuals. The lovely, beautiful, wonderful Zooey Deschanel.

So what’s wrong with me? Why don’t I like it?

In fact, why don’t I like anything by She & Him?


One thought on “Oh Nooey!

  1. Ich finde, man weiß da irgendwie nicht, ob das ernst gemeint oder ironisch ist. Dadurch komme ich mir auf jeden Fall etwas verarscht vor und finde es eher blöd als gut.

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