Hollywood Hopeful

Update: Here are the official nominations. My thoughts later.

Oscar noms in a few minutes (a.k.a. long over when you’re reading this).

I’m not expecting the official ballot to differ that much from what the Awards bloggers have been predicting for the last few months.

Still, there are a few names and titles that would surprise and delight me very much, should they appear in today’s list of nominations:

Best actress: Tilda Swinton, “Io sono l’amore” (“I Am Love”).
I haven’t seen the movie yet, and a foreign-language performance is unlikely to get a Best actress nomination. The Academy should have nominated Swinton last year for “Julia”, but if she can get in for this one I’ll forgive them their oversight.

Best actor: Tom Hanks, “Toy Story 3
Yes, it’s never going to happen, and the bulk of Woody’s acting work was done (splendidly) by the animators. Hanks’ voice performance, though, is as rich and deep (and real) as any from last year.

Best original score: Daft Punk, “TRON Legacy
Trent Reznor und Atticus Ross are a sure nomination for their non-traditonal scoring of “The Social Network”. So non-traditionality shouldn’t keep Daft Punk out of the race. Haven’t seen TRON yet (I’m going on Thursday), but I have listened to the soundtrack and it’s pretty amazing.

Best visual effects: “Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Usually I’m not a fan of effects that draw attention to themselves, but the effects design in Scott Pilgrim is so integral to the story that it gets away with being way over the top. It’s a way over the top movie, after all! Which brings us to…

Best sound editing: “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”
It’s anything but subtle. It’s loud. It’s in-your-face. It’s turn-it-to-eleven. It’s fucking amazing. It should get nominated.

Best foreign language film: “Kynodontas” (“Dogtooth”)
Of course I want what I thought to be the best film of 2009 to get nominated here, but I realize that it’s way, way too out there to appeal to a majority of the voters. But, man, wouldn’t that be something?

So these are my dark horse-picks. Fingers crossed.


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