Live-Blog und Tippzettel

Update: Hier ist unser tolles, innovatives Live-Blog! Viel Spaß beim Schauen und Lesen, es darf natürlich gerne kommntiert werden! Hach ja, heute abend ist es endlich soweit! Die 83. Oscar-Verleihung klärt endlich so wichtige Fragen wie “Was macht eigentlich Steven Gätjen?” und “Lebt Steven Gätjen eigentlich noch?” In nur ein paar Stunden werden wir es […]

Oscar movie pie chart

Everybody loves pie charts! Click the image for the full, interactive, annotated chart of how I’m doing with the nominated movies this year. (Updated screenshot as of February 6, 2012.) I did better last year, I must say. I’ll catch “True Grit” on Monday (the Trier CinemaXX, amazingly, is showing it undubbed) and I’m considering […]

Nominated films reviewed, Twitter-style

Some of my thoughts on the nominated films I’ve seen so far, in the order I’ve seen them, in 140 characters or less: Iron Man 2 Not as fun as the first one. Too many CGI fights. Rockwell’s awesome, Rourke is just weird. Toy Story 3 I laughed. I cried. I cried some more. One […]

The King’s Speech

Had Lionel Logue still been alive ten years ago, I would probably have met him. I met every single other speech therapist, it seems. You see, much like King George VI, I used to have quite the stammer. In fact, I still do, I just learned to work around it most of the time. “The […]

Lücke rät

Nachdem wir bei unserem Einstand beim PubCafe Quiz im Lübke vor zwei Wochen direkt den ersten Platz geholt hatten war der Druck gestern natürlich groß, den Titel zu verteidigen. Und weil auch abzusehen war, daß sich einige der Fragen dieses mal um das Thema Oscar drehen würden, was ja quasi mein Spezialgebiet ist, für mich […]

This and that: BAFTA, Pina, Black Swan, Oscars

The King’s Speech, which I finally got around to seeing, won 7 British film awards last night, including Best Picture and not including Best Director. So my prediction of Fincher winning the Oscar gets some more fuel, even though the odds are still on Hooper. Wim Wenders has some convincing things to say about the […]

This and that

You can now find links to four of the five films nomninated for Best Animated Short here. This A.V. Club interview with Udo Kier is one of the most entertaining things I’ve read, ever. Thanks to my good friend Nicolas and his generous, temporary donation of this boxed set, I can finally close the huge, […]

Black Swan

Roger Ebert and Martin Scorsese think I’m an idiot. They may be right. Talking about people who say (in regard to Raging Bull) “I don’t like to go to movies about boxing” or (in general) “I don’t like to go to movies about _____”, Ebert, in conversation with Scorsese, declares “anyone who makes that statement is […]