This and that: BAFTA, Pina, Black Swan, Oscars

The King’s Speech, which I finally got around to seeing, won 7 British film awards last night, including Best Picture and not including Best Director. So my prediction of Fincher winning the Oscar gets some more fuel, even though the odds are still on Hooper.

Wim Wenders has some convincing things to say about the necessity to see his latest, Pina, in 3D, which I was reluctant to do when I first heard about it. But he makes a good point, and if the local CinemaXX should decide to show it (which I doubt) I shall put on the glasses once more.

DP/30 has an amazing, hour-long video conversation with Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, cinematographer Matthew Libatique, and editor Andrew Weisblum. If you’ve seen the film and are interested in the kind of things people might talk about in an audio commentary (which Aranofsky says the studio won’t let him do), then this is for you.

Finally(1), I’ve found a place to watch the Oscars. A friend is out of town that night and will let me use her room. Good thing, too, because my only other hope (fantastical as it may have been) of the local art house cinema broadcasting the Awards was just shattered. Broadway‘s Dirk Ziesenhenne did, however, tell me that things like that might be possible in the future. So there is still hope for this town…

Finally(2): Live blog, anyone? Cez?


5 thoughts on “This and that: BAFTA, Pina, Black Swan, Oscars

  1. Ich glaube, ich werde die Gelegenheit nutzen und die Oscars schauen, denn ich habe am Montag drauf Urlaub! Juhuu!
    Und dieses Mal habe ich so viele Filme wie noch nie gesehen, mir fehlen nur noch “True Grit” und “The Fighter”. Beim Livebloggen wäre ich dabei! Was sagt das Schwesterherz?

  2. Ich kann leider nicht, weil ich diverse wichtige Termine am Montag habe (insbesondere Wohnungsabnahme morgens). Sehr traurig! Das erste Mal seit vielen Jahren, dass ich die Verleihung verpasse.

    • Schade! Aber um so wichtiger, daß es ein Live-Blog gibt, damit du auch am nächsten Tag alles nachlesen kannst! :)

      Cordelia, ich melde mich die nächsten Tage dann mal wegen der technischen Umsetzung des ganzen bei dir!

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