Oscar movie pie chart

Everybody loves pie charts!

Click the image for the full, interactive, annotated chart of how I’m doing with the nominated movies this year. (Updated screenshot as of February 6, 2012.)

I did better last year, I must say. I’ll catch “True Grit” on Monday (the Trier CinemaXX, amazingly, is showing it undubbed) and I’m considering seeing “127 Hours” (dubbed only, sadly) tonight. I strolled the local video store for “Alice in Wonderland” today but couldn’t find it – has it really been doing that bad? iTunes has “Unstoppable”, which I’ll gladly rent as soon as someone (David?) offers to watch it on their big screen television.

Update (February 6, 2012) Finally saw “The Fighter” today, which brings me to 92 out of 104 nominations seen.


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