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Starting tomorrow I will go on one week of Internet lent, so no updates for the next seven days. Not that there have been that many in the past. I have a few things I’d like to write about (“Pina” and my latest thoughts on 3D, for one), maybe with the distractions of Facebook and Gmail and Twitter gone I will get around to it. Let’s hope so.

As mentioned here before, on Friday the Broadway Trier is showing Jonathan Demme’s 1984 Talking Heads concert film “Stop Making Sense“. I was a little concerned with the possibility of them playing the movie off of a DVD copy for two reasons (the picture quality and the PAL speedup), but after I inquired they assured me the source will be BluRay. And since 35mm copies, if obtainable, are probably in pretty bad shape, BD might be the best option here.

In other Trier cinema news, the CinemaxX is keeping its promise and has already scheduled the next undubbed movie screening for March 17. Unfortunately, it’s “The Rite“, which sounds and looks pretty awful. And, like I feared, it’s exactly the kind of movie that benefits the least from seeing it undubbed. Here I was hoping for a drama like “Conviction” or something fun like “Rango”. Or, God forbid, show “Black Swan” and make me the happiest little boy in all of Trier… but no, they’re going with “The Rite”. A movie I had never even heard of before and still keep forgetting its name mere minutes after I’ve read it. Ex-ci-ting!

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