March’s movies reviewed, Twitter-style

Catching up a bit. First five movie’s I’ve watched in March 2011 are reviewed here. The others were:

  • Date Night (2010)
    Meh. Perfect example of something that looks awesome in theory but just doesn’t quite work. Not terrible, just… meh.
  • Strangers on a Train (1951)
    Classic Hitchcock. Now I finally get all those Simpsons references (criss-cross!) AND now I know where that Knoff-Hoff-Show-theme is from!
  • Greenberg (2010)
    My kind of movie. Sweet, deliberate, sometimes brooding but with a good heart. Stiller and Gerwig are great together.
  • Schwerkraft (2009)
    A dark comedy from Germany that’s actually quite enjoyable. I wonder why I hadn’t heard of this movie before.
  • Stop Making Sense (1984)
    Greatest concert-film ever. Seeing it in the cinema (albeit from BluRay) was an awesome experience. I literally cried tears of joy!
  • Two Dollar Bettor (1951)
    Nice little morality tale with good humor and fine performances. See it for free at the Internet Archive.
  • Madeo (Mother) (2009)
    Wonderfully weird Korean film that defies genre. Hye-ja Kim is astounding.
  • Due Date (2010)
    I did not think I would enjoy this one so much! Loved it! Very funny!
  • Fargo (1996)
    It’s a shame I hadn’t seen it before, I know. The Coens, William H. Macy, Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi… awesome!
  • Baraka (1992)
    Stunningly beautiful portrait of our planet. What a treat it must be to see it in the original 70mm-format!
  • Speak (2004)
    Kristen Stewart is good in this, but high school bullying is just not something I can relate to, so movies like this don’t really work for me.
  • Happythankyoumoreplease (2010)
    My kind of movie (see Greenberg). Loved every minute of it.
  • Somewhere (2010)
    I liked it, but don’t ask me why. I couldn’t tell you.

Did you see any of these movies? What did you think?


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