Wanted” is another one of those films that completely came and went without me noticing. I guess it wasn’t a massive hit when it came out in 2008? It should have been, is what I think.

I caught up with it today. The BluRay looks and sounds amazing. And this is a film where stuff like that matters. It’s a great, fast, loud action movie. Angelina Jollie is the name on the poster, but the actual lead is terrific British actor James McAvoy (who can currently be seen in “X-Men: First Class“). He plays your basic loser type (working a dead-end office job, girlfriend cheating on him with his best friend) who discovers he is actually some kind of almost super-human assassin. (The less you think about the plot the better…) It’s a lot of fun. If she wasn’t before, Jolie now definitely is my favourite action star (she even made “Salt” watchable) and McAvoy works as the hero who is both bad-ass and funny.

“Wanted” was directed by Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov. I have heard of his films “Night Watch” and “Day Watch” but not seen them, although now I really want to. The action in “Wanted” is superb. There is a lot of over the top, slow-motion, bullet-time stuff, but the real deal are the car (and train!) stunts, especially a long car chase scene in the first half of the movie. Very cool stuff.

If you like action movies, I’d guess you’ll like this one. The story is kind of silly but the action is awesome and it doesn’t get boring or anything. (The film runs 110 minutes, which is long for an action movie, but I didn’t really notice it.)

Recommended. Go rent it if you can!


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