Molly Lewis serenades Stephen Fry

I know of few things that are as marvelous as this. More on Molly’s blog.

Your heart is promised to a man
and so I have no hope to win it,
but consider my proposal, Sir,
if you can find a minute.
I think the future of our species
would be better with you in it.

I know you have your problems and maybe I have mine,
but you should leave someone to carry on
when you have turned to dust
and plant your genome in an infant, Sir,
I think it’s only just.
And you would need someone to bear this child,
a woman you can trust.
I’ll put my body on the line.

Mr. Stephen Fry, I see no reason why,
you wouldn’t want someday, maybe,
to let me have your baby.

You would be amazed,
what science does these days,
so think it over, and tell me what you think.


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