Nothing important happened today

Oh, right. This thing. My beloved blog (short for ‘world wide web log book’) about… what was it? Movies? I guess so. Hard to say. Not even sure what language I usually write in.

So the last couple of weeks have been kinda busy what with “work” and friends in need of time and also I kinda became addicted to “30 Rock.” Didn’t remember where I left off so I started with season three (turns out I had seen that one) and if things continue as they have I’ll be done with season five by tonight. 60-ish episodes in three weeks. (What?)

Also I bought a new phone, which is not all that important but I did post about the last time I got one, so there. The new one has Android 4. Android 4 is the shit. (The shit is bananas.)

Aaaand… that’s all I got.


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