Media Monday #57

1. Pierce Brosnan gefiel mir am besten in “GoldenEye“? Zumindest fand ich den früher ganz gut, ist aber ewig her, dass ich ihn gesehen habe. Auch in “The Ghost Writer” war Brosnan nicht schlecht. (Und wenn Serien auch zählen sage ich ganz klar “Remington Steele.”) 2. (Peter Greenaway hat mit … seine beste Regiearbeit abgelegt, weil […]

The Dark Knight Rises

The German word “Originalversion” (“original version,” used to describe movies that are shown in the language or languages they were made in) is in itself at the same time absurdly tautological and weirdly paradox. Something is either an original or it is a version thereof, it can’t be both, if I’ve read my Walter Benjamin right. […]

Movie poster wallpaper

Update: New (better!) version of the image with a more eclectic selection of movies below. With the help of Letterboxd (Anyone need an invitation?) I’ve created a nice little collage (click on the image for full-size) showing the posters to 72 of my favorite films. Of course I’m a nitpicker and immediately annoyed that some […]

[Top 5] Songs for the week ending 22 July 2012

  I didn’t listen to enough music last week to warrant a meaningful Top 5, so instead here are some albums I’ve listened to more than once: All by Fiona Apple. (On Saturday I just went up and down her entire discography. As far as I’m concerned she has only one bad song, and that’s […]

Media Monday #56

1. Christian Bale gefiel mir am besten in “The Fighter,” und sonst in nichts. Ich kann auch nicht genau sagen, warum, aber ich mag Bale einfach nicht. Früher vor allem, weil ich fand, dass er nur eine schlechte Kopie vom tollen Steven Weber sei. Deswegen konnten mich auch Christopher Nolans “Batman”-Filme nie wirklich begeistern. Aber in […]

Kaufman Carrey Carson Elvis

This is fascinating: Andy Kaufman‘s first appearance on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, in March of 1977 included an elaborate Elvis Presley impersonation: Six-and-a-half years later, in November of 1983, a young Jim Carrey made his Tonight Show debut with a strikingly similar act: Of course Carrey went on to play Kaufman in […]