(Some of) The Movies I’ve seen since May

Tom Cullen and Chris New in “Weekend.”

It’s been a while since I recapped the movies I had seen in a particular month (here’s what I watched in April) and I’m not going to list the 60 movies I’ve seen since then – you can always find those on Letterboxd.

Of those 60 titles, 16 got a “Wow!“-rating in my own personal log (a.k.a. my brain). They are, sorted by year of release:

Metropolis” (Fritz Lang, 1927)
La grande illusion” (Jean Renoir, 1937)
Le ballon rouge” (Albert Lamorisse, 1956)
” (Federico Fellini, 1963)
The Conversation” (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974)
¡Three Amigos!” (John Landis, 1986)
A Bear Named Winnie” (John Kent Harrison, 2004)
Me and You and Everyone We Know” (Miranda July, 2005)
Rachel Getting Married” (Jonathan Demme, 2008)
The Box” (Richard Kelly, 2009)
Les émotifs anonymes” (Jean-Pierre Améris, 2010)
También la lluvia” (Icíar Bollaín, 2010)
Weekend” (Andrew Haigh, 2011)
Medianeras” (Gustavo Taretto, 2011)
Goon” (Michael Dowse, 2011)
The Dark Knight Rises” (Christopher Nolan, 2012)

Films I had seen before (and that still wowed me) are in italics.

And yes, “The Dark Knight Rises” is in there, despite what I wrote on Sunday. When I saw the film again on Monday it was a much more satisfying experience. Almost all of the things I had issues with the first time around didn’t bother me this time – on the contrary, I found most of them, like Bane or James Gordon, worked extremely well. If it weren’t for Marion Cotillard, “The Dark Knight Rises” would be perfect, and even her role is not quite as bad as I thought after watching it for the first time (much less screen time, for once).

Also: Of course the sense of “Wow!” I had after watching “8½” was not the same I had after “A Bear Named Winnie.” The latter is by no means a great film. Not even a good one. But I’d still urge everyone to see it! :)


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