Music: “Bonfire”

So my idea of a weekly Top 5 isn’t really working out. Some weeks I don’t listen to enough songs, others I just listen to the same song over and over. In both cases there’s not enough data for a meaningful Top 5. So instead I’ll just continue what I did two weeks ago and just share some of the songs that are currently in my heavy rotation.

I’ll be embedding links to Spotify, because that’s what I use to listen to music to (and, frankly, so should you) but I’ll try to find links to working videos (V), too.

Very much my “song of the moment” comes, no surprise, from “Breaking Bad.” The best drama on TV also has one of the best soundtracks – this playlist has almost every song to ever appear on the show and is updated weekly. The episode from a week ago, directed by Rian Johnson (everybody go see “Brick,” it’s awesome), opened with an ass-kicking montage set to Knife Party’s “Bonfire” (V), which has been playing on my way to work and back every day since.


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