[You probably haven’t seen] “Last Night” (Don McKellar, 1998)

I made a list on Letterboxd of “my favourite films you probably haven’t seen.” Starting today, I will shine a light on some (maybe all, who knows) of them.

The film:Last Night” (1998) directed and written by, and starring, Don McKellar. (Not to be confused with the romantic drama of the same name.)

What’s it about? Literally the last night. The last six hours before the end of the world, to be precise. But this is no disaster porn. It’s a thoughtful, fun, touching, philosophical, and, all in all, beautiful little movie.

Why you probably haven’t seen it: Because you likely haven’t even heard about it before. It’s a small-budget Canadian independent production that played a few festivals (and won a few awards) but never got a wide release.

Where you can get it? Amazon.com/.de, or from WOW HD (US imports only).

How do I know it? When his film “Weekend” (which is also one of my favorite films you probably haven’t seen yet) came out last year, director Andrew Haigh collected some of his favorite ticking clock romances on Slate, and his first pick was “Last Night”:

The movie is told with such a quiet tenderness and humor. It’s also completely heartbreaking. In one strand of the story we follow two strangers, played by Don McKellar and Sandra Oh, who despite their best intentions, end up spending their remaining hours together. The moment when they realize that they have fallen for each other, as the world ends around them, makes me cry just thinking about it.

You and me both, Andrew. You and me both.


One thought on “[You probably haven’t seen] “Last Night” (Don McKellar, 1998)

  1. Schöne Idee für eine Serie, und der Film klingt wirklich ungeheuer vielversprechend – ein bisschen wie “Perfect Sense” und der kommende “4:44 Last Day on Earth”.
    (“Weekend” habe ich aber gesehen.)

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