Untitled Movie Trivia Show: Episode 1

Recently I got a few friendly people together to play some movie-based games via Skype conference call. We had a lot of fun and maybe you will, too, listening to the whole thing in all its crappy-audio glory. Keep in mind that we are not professionals (neither at recording nor at talking), so of course there’s a lot of uhming and ahing. Also I say “okay” about three times in every sentence. But that’s… alright.

There’s no RSS feed yet, but I’m working on it. The show is 86 minutes long, I’ll try to keep the next ones a bit shorter.

If you listen to this and yell out all the answers before we do I would love to have you on as a contestant for one of the next recordings. I’ll announce the dates here and on Twitter.

Enjoy the show! Download it here or listen below:

Update: Here’s the RSS feed for the show: https://weltretter.wordpress.com/tag/untitled-movie-trivia-show/feed


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