Nebel Without a Clue #3

Good news, everyone!

First of all, the podcast is no longer untitled, thanks to Rob, who suggested a bunch of great names, of which I liked Nebel Without a Clue the best.

Also we’ve recorded episode #3 on Sunday with the intent to publish it on Monday (my birthday), but you know me, so here it is on Wednesday. Oh, well.

Returning champion Nanks and second timer Sara brought along their friends Rebecca (with special guest Leah) and Dani for a few games and movie talk. With 69 minutes it’s the shortest show yet, perfect for a run or a bike ride…

Download the show, listen below or subscribe to the new feed here.

It starts pretty much in media res (there’s no real introduction) and we had some sound issues with Dani’s connection at first. Sorry about that.


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