No-men-ber (Haha, get it? Wow, sorry, that’s a horrible pun I really should think of something better but I guess it’s too late now wait what do you mean I can still change it what how?)

When I wrote about the 500 films I had seen since January 2010, I noticed that most of them were directed by men, and I vowed: “Resolution for the next 500: More films directed by women.”

I just went back and counted, and of the 500 movies between January 2010 and August 2012, only 30 were directed by women, with another five co-directed by a woman. (Numbers might not be 100% correct – for all we know Banksy could be female and while it says that “Speed Racer” was “directed by The Wachowski Brothers,” I’m not sure if Lana is all that happy with that credit.)

Of the 65 films I’ve watched since, only one was directed by a women. That one was “Pieds nus sur les limaces,” and I watched it last night to kick of my self-set goal of watching at least as many films with female director this November as those with male ones.

I’ve gone through my library and Netflix and found a lot of female-helmed movies I want to see, so keeping my goal shouldn’t be too hard. (What narrows down the selection more is that I’ve become a huge high-def snob ever since I got the projector and not all titles are available on blu-ray or HD streaming.)

You can, as always, see what I’ve been watching over at Letterboxd.

And if you’ve got a recommendation or two of good movies directed by women, let me share them in the comments or on Twitter.


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