Skyfall Spoiler Special

Before I left for a weekend of fun and debauchery (which I’m still recovering from, I must say), podcast regular Nanks and I recorded a conversation about the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall.” Listen to us gab for an hour here or download the file to your device of choice.

And, of course, be warned that we do spoil the movie. This is intended for those who have already seen it. (And we both do recommend you see it.)

2 thoughts on “Skyfall Spoiler Special

  1. I lied. Comments I forgot to make:
    — Why did 007, M, and Kincade have to make their stand against Silva alone? Q clearly knew where they were. The cavalry (or the SAS, as the case may be) showing up at the end for the big fight is emblematic of older JB films — which might be why it didn’t happen in Skyfall.
    — Fun fact: the member of Parliament who was hardest on M during the hearing is played by Helen McCrory, a.k.a, Cissy Malfoy, a.k.a., Mrs. Damian Lewis.
    — ‘nother fun Fact: the actor who played the assassin is Ola Rapace, a.k.a., the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s husband, a.k.a., Mr. Noomi Rapace.

    And a correction: the ghost island that served as Silva’s lair was owned by Mitsubishi, not Motorola.

    Thanks for letting me spoil the film with you!

    • Glad to have you! Looking forward to the “Hobbit Spoiler Special.” :)

      I was discussing the film further with my brother Friday evening and came up with a few more things, all of which are lost to me now. Oh, well.

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