My Ten Favorite Albums of 2012

Inspired by Oli’s post, here are the ten records I’ve listened to and loved the most this past year. I wanted to write a few words for each of these, but halfway through I remembered that I hate writing about music, so a list and some pictures is all you’re getting. Click on the covers […]

Nebel Without a Clue #6: Nebel Without a Claus

Happy [fill in whatever doesn’t offend you], everybody! Speaking in my best public radio voice (as to not wake up my family), I’ve played a few Christmas-y rounds of the Roger Ebert game with my jolly-old guests Dani, Sara, Ruthann, Caecilie and Nancy last night! Download here for your holiday commute or listen below. [audio]

Eine “The Hobbit”-OV in 48fps?

Update: Klare Ansage vom Cinemaxx: Es wird in Trier keine Hobbit-OV in 48fps geben. Eigentlich hatte ich ja vorgehabt, den “Hobbit” letztes Wochenende im Trierer Broadway zu sehen, wo er in der m.E. best-möglichsten Version gezeigt wird: Unsynchronisiert und ohne 3D. (Ich möchte das ungern “2D” nennen. Ich weiß ja nicht, ob ich damit alleine […]

My Top Ten Films of 2011

This is mostly for my own amusement – but then again, what isn’t? – so let’s just get it out of the way. As of today, I’ve seen (more or less) exactly 100 films released in 2011. Out of those, here are my favorite ten: “The Tree of Life” (Terrence Malick) “Pina” (Wim Wenders) “Medianeras” (Gustavo […]

Name ’em all: One-word, one-syllable movie titles

If you’ve listened to the latest podcast, you’ve heard us play a game where we had to name one-word, one-syllable movie titles,* inspired by first Best Picture-winner “Wings.” *) Is the ‘one-word’ distinction really necessary? Are there any two-word, one-syllable titles? Nanks compiled a list with 100 titles, we added a few more during the game […]

Nebel Without a Clue #5

Happy Monday, folks! For your listening pleasure, we recorded a new podcast yesterday, which you can download here or listen to below. (You may also subscribe to the feed.) This time we mixed things up a bit, with Nanks asking the questions and Rebecca, Sara, Ruth-Ann, Caecilie, Dani and me playing. 00:00 Intro/Movie Talk 20:00 […]