Nebel Without a Clue #5

Happy Monday, folks!

For your listening pleasure, we recorded a new podcast yesterday, which you can download here or listen to below. (You may also subscribe to the feed.)

This time we mixed things up a bit, with Nanks asking the questions and Rebecca, Sara, Ruth-Ann, Caecilie, Dani and me playing.

00:00 Intro/Movie Talk
20:00 Guten Tag You’re It
35:20 Name ’em All
1:00:45 What’s That Score?
1:19:25 Roger Ebert Game


3 thoughts on “Nebel Without a Clue #5

  1. Thanks for letting me guest-host, Nebel. It gave me a deeper appreciation for your organizational skills. Congratulations to Rebecca, who won the game, even though she had to leave early!

    I love how the John Williams Name Them All devolved into “Name that Spielberg/Lucas film and/or franchise.”

    Nebel’s creative “buzz words”
    — Buzzington Bear
    — Buzz Lightyear
    — Buzzby Berkeley
    — Sebuzztian (Caecilie came up with this one, too)
    — Inglorious Buzzterds
    And RuthAnn’s contribution: Buzzter Keaton

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