Nebel Without a Clue #7

Die Hard (poster)The first show of 2013 is here, and it’s a good one! Nanks once again took over hosting and we were joined by Ruthann, Dani and Caecilie for almost two hours of movie talk and games.

Here’s the rundown:

0:00:00 – Banter!
0:17:20 – Tag! You’re It!
0:31:30 – Name ’em all!
1:08:30 – Make it Stop! Make it Stop!
1:24:25 – The Roger Ebert Game!

Download the mp3 (103 MB) or listen below, or subscribe to the feed here.


Also, after you’ve listened, check the comments below for corrections and a list of actors and actresses with one-syllable first and last names.


8 thoughts on “Nebel Without a Clue #7

  1. From the corrections department:

    Orlando Jones, not Martin Lawrence, was in “Evolution.”

    Harry Shearer voiced President Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Simpsons Movie,” not President McBain. (And even then it would have been President Rainier Wolfcastle, of course.)

    The Ben Stiller movie with Tom Waits is “Mystery Men.”

    Also, obviously the first fictional president all of us should have immediately thought of is Eric Roberts in “First Dog.”

  2. And here, courtesy of Nanks, are 43 actors and actresses with one-syllable first and last names:

    Sean Bean
    Jack Black
    Blair Brown
    Ed Burns
    Rose Byrne
    James Caan
    John Cho
    John Cleese
    Glenn Close
    Tom Cruise
    Jim Dale
    Claire Danes
    James Dean
    Ralph Fiennes
    Glenn Ford
    Scott Glenn
    Hugh Grant
    Tom Hanks
    John Hawkes
    John Heard
    Ann Heche
    John Hurt
    Bert Lahr
    Jude Law
    Hope Lange
    Bruce Lee
    Gong Li
    Jet Li
    Jane Lynch
    John Mills
    Lee Pace
    Kal Penn
    Sean Penn
    Brad Pitt
    Chris Rock
    Max Schreck
    Brooke Shields
    Will Smith
    Mark Strong
    Tom Waits
    John Wayne
    John Wood
    James Woods

    Can you think of any more?

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