Do It With a Rockstar

I talked about my current favorite music video last week, and if you know me then you know that I never have just one favorite something. So today I want to talk about my other current favorite music video.

Amanda Palmer - Do It With a Rockstar

It’s Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra‘s “Do It With a Rockstar,” and you can watch it, depending on your whereabouts, on Vimeo or YouTube. (It’s NSFW.)

Amanda Palmer has been popping up in my periphery for a while. I’ve seen her name in my Twitter feed attached to links to her TED Talk (“The art of asking”), her Kickstarter project to fund her 2012 album “Theatre Is Evil,” her poem for Dzhokhar, and most recently her open letter to The Daily Mail.

I have to admit that I paid little to no attention to these things.

But then I started listening to the music.

(I’ve tried to reconstruct how exactly that happened, but all I could put together was that I first listened to her song “The Killing Type” on September 14, 2012, and then to the whole album – which you can ‘buy’ for whatever price you deem fair – on that same day. Judging by my Twitter archive, other significant things I did that day were meeting a super nice dog in a waiting room and binge-watching “Parks and Recreation” on Netflix. So all in all a pretty good day.)

I don’t watch a lot of music videos. I used to, but I don’t have TV anymore, 99% of all music videos on YouTube won’t play in Germany and the other sites that offer them are all terribly clunky and not something I’ve got time or energy for.

But every once in a while I will stumble across or actively seek one out, and that’s what happened in the early hours of June 4, while I was writing my tirade about peeing. I needed a break, the song was just playing, and I was curious to see what the people performing this wonderful music might look like.

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

Turns out they’re all incredibly awesome.

I think the video very much speaks for itself, but if you want to learn more about its making you can read Palmer’s first-hand account on her website, including lots of great backstage photographs. And there’s an interview with her about it on, too.

The video was directed by The Flaming LipsWayne Coyne (awesome) and prominently features Stoya (awesome), who you may know from, I dunno… YouPorn (NSFW, duh.), but also from the slightly less NSFW – and, if you ask me, much more interesting – Hysterical Literature project. She also writes articles for VICE and takes photographs of her cats for Instagram.

She’s also one of the two subjects – James Deen is the other – in one of my favorite photographs, by Clayton Cubitt:

Click image for nakedness.

Click image for nakedness.

(I could write about how both Stoya and James Deen seem to be extremely interesting, sex-positive people who, somewhat disappointingly, appear in porn that is – with a few exceptions – neither, but maybe that’s for another time.)

Anyway. Amanda Palmer. Great song, fantastic video.

Oh, and she’s married to Neil Gaiman (awesome).


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