Nebel Without a Clue: Name ’em all!

Last Sunday, the usual suspects gathered on Skype to play a few movie-related games, and instead of posting the whole 2-ish hours of that in one piece I’m gonna mix it up a bit and give you the different games as separate mp3s.

The first game we played was Name ’em all!, where we take turns listing movies a certain actor has been in until we can’t think of any more. Sounds easy enough, but as you’ll hear it can be quite the challenge when you’re put on the spot.

Download the mp3 (15 MB) or listen below, or subscribe to the feed here.

After that we played a new game, called Invisible Bacon, which I will share with you in an upcoming post. If you ever want to play with us yourself, leave a comment or contact me on Twitter at @SebastianNebel.


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