Nebel Without a Clue: Invisible Bacon

Invisible BaconHere’s how the Invisible Bacon game works.

We start with a movie. Ask a stranger what their favorite film is, or take the one you talked about last, or just pick one at random. Doesn’t matter.

The first player thinks of an actor or actress in that movie, and, without saying the person he or she has in mind, names another movie featuring that performer.

The next player now has two choices. They can either add another movie, using a new, not-to-be-spoken-out-loud actor as the link between it and the last movie that was added…

… or they can challenge the previous player to name every single actor in the entire chain so far.

If a correct and complete chain can be produced, the player who challenged is out. Failing that, the challenged player is out. The game then starts anew with the remaining players left.

As a consolation prize, the most recent player to be out may give a new starter title to the first player up in the next round. Make sure to switch the order around every time so the same people don’t end up challenging each other all the time.

Got all that?

Then download the mp3 (50 MB) of us playing, or listen below, or subscribe to the feed here.


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