Top 10 Albums of 2013

It’s list time! While 2012 had been the year I fully switched to streaming instead of buying and discovered a lot of new music, I mostly stuck to the familiar in 2013. Only a handful of albums released this year made it into my rotation, which is not to say that there havn’t been some […]

Top 5: Discoveries and Surprises of 2013

Each week Filmspotting‘s Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larson share their respective Tops 5 of a given topic (often, but not always, tied to the main review of that week’s show) on the podcast. It’s December, so right now they are looking back at the year that was with lists about 2013 Discoveries (FS #470) and Surprises […]

Scorsese Marathon (1980 – 1995)

See also: Scorsese Marathon (1963 – 1978) The Scorsese marathon took a two month break after the last time we checked in on it, mostly because I couldn’t bring myself to watch “Raging Bull.” But once things got started again I got right back into the flow, and while I don’t think I’ll finish the marathon […]