“Fear and Desire” and other Kubrick films online

A few films by and about Stanley Kubrick have appeared online recently. You never know how long these things survive, so watch (or download) them while you can. First, there’s “Fear and Desire,” Kubrick’s first feature film from 1953, newly restored:   Then, “Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes,” a 2008 documentary by Jon Ronson:   Finally, “Staircases […]

The Algorithm

After looking at my movie stats for 2012, I vowed to try to watch more older films, more non-English films, and more films directed by women. How did I do? Let’s look at the numbers. 2012: Average release year: 1995 Non-English: 57 out of 255 (22%) Female directors: 21 out of 273 (7.7%) 2013: Average […]