Black Screen


Black screen (illustration).

In my living room, I’ve got a LG BP420 Blu-Ray player connected via HDMI cable to an InFocus projector. This had worked without any problems until last night.

Now, when I turn on the player, the projector (or any other attached HD screen; I tested) will show the LG startup logo for a second (maybe a bit less than a second) and then turn to black.

The projector tells me that it’s getting a signal from the player, so that’s not a problem.

The player is also hooked up to my old, standard definition TV via a composite video cable. There I can see that the player is working just fine, sound and image and everything.

If I go into the picture settings menu and change the HDMI output resolution, the projector will change the (still black) image to that resolution, but still won’t show anything but black.

I know that the cable is not the problem. I’ve tried three different HDMI cables, including the one that’s connecting my computer to the screen in front of my right now. So I know it’s working. And, like I said, I know that a signal is getting from the player to the projector.

It’s not the projector, either. When I connect my HD computer screen everything happens exactly as I’ve described above. I’ve also attached other devices (like a WD TV) to the projector using HDMI, and they worked just fine.

I’ve tried both resetting the player’s software and updating it to its latest release. Didn’t change a thing.

I searched the web far and wide, and a few posts, as well as the official manual, mention a black screen as a result of an “unverified HDCP connection.” I don’t know much about that, but it sure sounds like this could be what’s happening here. Unfortunately the only fix offered is replacing the cable. Didn’t help.

And that’s where I’m at right now. Running out of ideas and patience. The player was a gift, I’m currently trying to find out about the warranty situation.

Until then: what can I do?


One thought on “Black Screen

  1. Did you solve the problem? I have no image on the screen. There’s a black screen. 576 p Image resolution is written. When first turned on LG logos then no image

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