My Pantheon

Photo: Jörg Bittner (Unna)

Photo: Jörg Bittner

For a few years now I’ve been maintaining a list of films that I dubbed (in reference to the great Filmspotting podcast) my “Pantheon.” A hall of fame, if you will, of movies that are special to me. My favorites, I guess.

But it’s not merely a list of titles I like, or rate highly. To get on this list a film must withstand a bit more scrutiny. To even be considered entry to the Pantheon, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • I must have watched the film either in cinema or projected at home.
  • I must have watched it at least twice, including at least one time after 2009.
  • At least two years must have passed since I’ve first watched it.
  • The film may not have been altered, i.e. edited down or dubbed.

My plan is to start a series here in which I induct films into my Pantheon on a weekly basis, starting tomorrow. If you’ve known me a while most of them probably won’t surprise you, and I don’t expect to be moved to write a whole lot of words on why it is that I deem any particular film so worthy.

But at least after a while I’ll know where to send people when they ask me that dreaded question about “my favorite film.”


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