Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

I finally watched Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” last month and discovered that a) it’s not the one with the princess put under an evil spell that can only by broken by true love’s kiss that I thought it was going to be, b) it’s a pretty fantastic film, and c) the blu-ray release provides the most beautiful looking image I’ve had the pleasure to have projected onto my humble walls.


Disney has put a lot of effort into restoring the film, presenting it in a magnificent 2.55:1 aspect ratio for the first time. And even though I know it’s not technically possible, I could have sworn that the image was twice as large as that of other films.


I was especially enthralled by the beautiful, hand-painted backgrounds in “Sleeping Beauty.” From screenshots, I isolated (i.e. removed characters from) some of them:

04 05 06 07 08 09 10 10a 11 12(Activate clicking power to embiggen images. You’re welcome.)


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