My Week on Letterboxd (11/2015)

Force Majeure

Over on Letterboxd I rate and occasionally review the films I see. Here’s my activity for week 11 of 2015:

• On Monday, March 9th, I watched “Still Alice” (2014) and gave it 4/5 stars.

• On Tuesday, March 10th, I rewatched “Robot & Frank” (2012) and gave it 5 stars.

• On Wednesday, March 11th, I watched “À nous la liberté” (1931) and gave it 4 stars.

• On Thursday, March 12th, I watched “Le bonheur” (1965) and gave it 4½ stars.

• Also on March 12th I watched “Kingsman: The Secret Service” (2015) and gave it 3½ stars, writing:

A character in this movie describes a kind of scene that usually happens in these kinds of movies and then says “But this is not that kind of movie” and then the next thing that happens is literally that kind of scene.

Many, many great parts that somehow add up to less than their sum. Still very enjoyable, but also quite erratic in its tone. More “Free Bird,” less exposition would have been nice. And don’t waste Jack Davenport like that.

• And on Sunday, March 15th, I watched “Turist” (“Force Majeure,” 2014), giving it 4½ stars, writing:

What is more menacing than an avalanche moving slowly towards you?

A camera doing just the same.


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