Best Shot: Ieri, oggi, domani (Part 3)

Ieri, oggi, domani

Finally, we get to the third part of “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” Mara. It’s my favorite story in De Sica’s film, and we get treated to plenty of beautiful imagery, most notably courtesy of Sophia Loren, of course:

ytt-3-a ytt-3-b ytt-3-g

But, sticking with the theme, my pick for Best Shot is once again one of Marcello Mastroianni being denied the pleasures he seeks. Plus: cat!


4 thoughts on “Best Shot: Ieri, oggi, domani (Part 3)

    • Realized it only after I had picked my favorite shot from the third part. I was going to comment on Mastroianni’s placement in the frame, too – on the left when he’s suffering from too much sex, on the right when he’s not getting any – but I’m not sure that’s deliberate.

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