Best Shot: The Force Awakens

Speaking of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this week’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot over at The Film Experience concerned J. J. Abrams’ entry into the franchise, and last night on Twitter I belatedly chose this image as my favorite from the film: It’s part of my favorite sequence in the movie – the […]

Werner Herzog: The Force Awakens

“There is a rocky island, far out in the sea. And a second, smaller island. They lie on the far edge of the inhabited world.” If these words, spoken by the great actor Josef Bierbichler at the end of Werner Herzog’s 1976 drama Herz aus Glas (Heart of Glass), bring to mind the final shots of a certain, […]

Best Shot: Repulsion

A quick Hit Me With Your Best Shot of Roman Polanski’s Repulsion. I didn’t actually have time to watch the film again (and I’m still waiting for the blu-ray to get here) so I’ll let the images speak for themselves for now. (Screen grabs via FilmGrab.) Runners-up: Best Shot:

Show and Tell

Yesterday, I saw “Crimson Peak” and “The Last Witch Hunter” back to back. I enjoyed them both very much – for completely separate reasons. I wouldn’t dare compare or rank them, but seeing them so close together, I noticed that one of them did a particular thing a lot better than the other. A scene […]

MCU Rewatch, Part 1

Speaking of the Avengers, a few nights ago I started rewatching all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. I had seen all of them before, but it’s been a while for some, especially the early ones. Five movies in, I am having a blast revisiting these, and watching them close together definitely helps me appreciate the “connective tissues” […]