January’s movies, reviewed

With 33 films in 31 days, January of 2013 has tied with August of 2012 for the most movies I’ve watched in one month. I don’t think that’s a good thing, to be honest, but that’s the way it is. Some stats: The average release year was 1999, the earliest film was 1933’s “King Kong,” […]

December’s movies, reviewed

I have watched 32½ films in December, making it my second busiest month of ALL TIME, right behind August 2012 with a full 33. The month started with a John Cassavetes retrospective (or, since I had never seen one of his films before, should I say… spective?). I loved “Faces” and “Shadows,” thought “Minnie and Moskowitz” […]

The Dark Knight Rises

The German word “Originalversion” (“original version,” used to describe movies that are shown in the language or languages they were made in) is in itself at the same time absurdly tautological and weirdly paradox. Something is either an original or it is a version thereof, it can’t be both, if I’ve read my Walter Benjamin right. […]

March’s movies reviewed

I’ve seen 12 movies last month. They are… “Laura” (Otto Preminger, 1944) The BFI (and the film’s name, obviously) brought my attention to Preminger’s “Laura,” and I’m glad they did. It’s a great noir murder mystery with witty dialogue and unexpected twists. (B+) “Kein Pardon” (Hape Kerkeling, 1993) and “Pappa ante Portas” (Vicco von Bülow, Renate Westphal-Lorenz, 1991) […]

February’s movies reviewed

Here’s what I watched last month, in order of release year, because why not. “The Shining” (Stanley Kubrick, 1980) As it is my tradition, I watched the movie as soon as the winter’s first real snow fell. The fact that I’ve long been able to quote every single line of dialogue as it happens didn’t […]

Zu “Hugo”

Cordelia erwähnte in einem Kommentar kurz Martin Scorseses “Hugo“: Und “Hugo” macht mich aggressiv, ich hab den Film nicht gesehen, aber auf mich wirkt alles, was ich aus den Trailern kenne, wie so ein dämlicher, kitschiger Kinderweihnachtsfilm. Versteh ich alles nicht… “Dämlicher, kitschiger Kinderweihnachtsfilm” beschreibt “Hugo” ganz gut. (Ich weiß, dass er Sonja, die auch […]

Alien some more

Okay, so where was I? John Hurt descends into a room full of alien eggs and one of the eggs cracks open and an alien attacks John Hurt by hugging his face? But he’s wearing a space helmet so everyone is cool with it and no one suspects that MAYBE the alien has, oh I […]