New Best. Episode. Ever.

Feeling down? Why not make yourself comfortable on the couch, watch some classic “Simpsons” episodes and then head over to Best. Episode. Ever. where I enter season 5’s “Homer and Apu” and season 6’s “Sideshow Bob Roberts” into round 4 of the 128th-final of my tournament to determine, once and for all, my favorite episode […]

Another Example of Aspect Ratio Conversion

To further illustrate my previous post, another example of how different versions of the same scene look on different TVs and with different settings.   From Friends‘ “The One with Ross’s Teeth” (Season 6):     This scene makes full use of the 4:3 aspect ratio. To evoke the claustrophobic setting of the elevator, there is […]

The Real-Life Drawbacks of Aspect Ratio Preservation

(Update: Another Example of Aspect Ratio Conversion.)     There’s been some noise (at least in my filter bubble) about aspect ratios lately. First when FXX ran old episodes of The Simpsons cropped to fit widescreen TVs, then again this week when HBO announced they are going to rebroadcast The Wire in HD and reformatted to 16:9. […]

Late Night with Conan O’Brien: How it all began (for me, anyway)

I’m celebrating Late Night‘s 20th anniversary! This is part 1 of many! On September 13, 1993, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” made its debut on NBC, where it would run for almost 16 years, until February 20, 2009. The show is today mostly talked about in terms of the two events that bookmark it: the battle […]

The Great Star Trek Rewatch

Because I obviously don’t watch enough television already, and inspired by a list of her favorite TNG episodes Nancy sent around a while ago, and given the fact that I already started watching the (beautifully remastered, by the way) original series on Netflix, I decided it was time for a proper chronological rewatch of the […]

You Want to Believe? Start with “The Erlenmeyer Flask.”

Last year, when Vulture held a March Madness style tournament to determine “the greatest TV drama of the past 25 years,” only three of the eight quarter finalists were shows that originally aired on commercial broadcast networks: Buffy the Vampire Slayer,* Twin Peaks, and my personal favorite, The X-Files. None of them made it any […]


Need to catch up on QI before series K starts airing in the Fall? Well, you’re in luck, I made a list of all the episodes from series A through G, with links to YouTube, where you can watch them in full. Unaired Pilot (2002) Series A (2003) Adam Astronomy Aquatic Animals Atoms Advertising Antidotes […]

2012 in Television

I’ve looked back at the music I’ve listened to (albums, songs) and the movies I’ve watched (more on that might still be coming) in 2012, so I thought I’d recap the TV shows I’ve watched last year, too. Unfortunately I didn’t keep track of them as close as I did with the movies, but here’s what […]