(Spoilers.) What do we talk about when we talk about “Birdman“? I guess people latch onto things they can relate to, things they recognize. For a lot of professional reviewers I follow here and elsewhere, that would be how the film portraits their line of work, notably in the form of the theater critic and […]

“The Apartment” winning Best Picture

  A few notes: – Audrey Hepburn! Stunning! – Go see “The Apartment” if you haven’t. It’s marvelous. – Bob Hope and Hepburn reference the films of William Powell and Myrna Loy, who appeared in 14 features together, most notably the “Thin Man” series.

[Top 5] Movies I’ve Never Seen

Update: Filmspotting‘s Adam Kempenaar, via Twitter, brought my attention to their second show ever, “Movies We Can’t Believe We’ve Never Seen.” A new go at the topic is scheduled for the summer. Over at his weblog, Thorsten suggested a new topic for a Top 5: Movies I’ve never seen. I thought a lot about how […]

[Dialog] Von Unterhunden und Dunklen Pferden

Früher war alles besser. Am 20. Februar 1968 zum Beispiel, bei den 40. Academy Awards. Habe ich dieses Jahr schon Mark Harris‘ fantastisches Sachbuch “Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood” empfohlen? Falls nicht sei dies hiermit geschehen. Jede Person, die diesen Dialog tatsächlich mit Interesse liest (oder schreibt) […]

[Dialog] Der Tag nach dem Tag und dann noch einige Tage später

Caecilie hier mit meinem ersten Blogbeitrag seit mindestens zwei Jahren. Hui, die Nominierungen. Dabei wird mir wieder bewusst, dass meine Lieblingsfilme des Jahres meist Filme sind, die ich ein oder zwei Jahre nach Veröffentlichung endlich auf DVD gesehen habe, die auf Festivals liefen und oder die als Klassiker gelten, die ich dank LOVEFiLM mehr oder […]

[Dialog] Der Tag nach dem Tag danach

So, jetzt wissen wir es also endlich. Die Academy hat gesprochen, die Welt hat geantwortet. Große Enttäuschung bei denen, die fest mit Albert Brooks gerechnet haben – nur er selbst nahm es relativ gelassen. Große Begeisterung (in gewissen, mich einschliessenden Kreisen) über die Nominierung Terrence Malicks, der dann nächsten Monat wohl einer von zwei Regisseuren […]

These things will happen tomorrow (and a few others might, as well)

Tomorrow, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak and former Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence will open up a few envelopes and read a few words. One pair of words that they will read over and over and over (I’m guessing 11 times in all) will be “The” and “Artist.” We know this […]

Hollywood Hopeful, 2012

I did this last year, why not make it a tradition?Oscar nominations will be announced in 11 days, on January 24. And while it’s not as obvious who will get in as it was last year with “The King’s Speech” and “The Social Network” set in stone, there are a few names and titles that […]

My Top Ten Films of 2010

I didn’t put up a list of my favorite movies of last year at the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 because I knew that there were a lot of titles I hadn’t been able to see yet that looked like viable candidates for a Top Ten. And almost a year later there […]

The King’s Speech

Had Lionel Logue still been alive ten years ago, I would probably have met him. I met every single other speech therapist, it seems. You see, much like King George VI, I used to have quite the stammer. In fact, I still do, I just learned to work around it most of the time. “The […]