Ich weiß noch, dass ich vor gar nicht langer Zeit nichts lieber gemacht habe als Fragebögen und Steckbriefe auszufüllen. Heute ist das ganz anders. Ich mag es nicht, mich festzulegen, ich habe Angst (oder Gewissheit), dass mir wichtige und richtige Antworten nicht einfallen und überhaupt kenne ich mich genug, zu wissen, dass ich eine Woche […]

The Hitch and The Pitt

Inquiring minds want to know what my favorite film by Alfred Hitchcock and my favorite performance from Brad Pitt are, respectively. I still need to see a lot of Hitchcock’s work, and even those I did see I saw only once, so my opinion on the matter is subject to change, but, right now, I […]

[Top 5] Movie Phone Calls

I haven’t listened to the latest episode of Filmspotting yet, and before I do, I thought I’d try my hand at their Top 5 this week: Movie Phone Calls. When brainstorming this topic, a lot of scenes came to mind. And I’m sure there are many great ones that I’m not even thinking about. (But […]

Coming Soon: Top 5 Opening Scenes

For our next Top 5, I suggested the topic “opening scenes” to Thorsten. There was some confusion over what exactly I meant, and he asked me to clarify the term. So let’s try: I don’t mean opening credits. There are some truly great examples for those – “Seven” rightfully being cited as one of the […]

My Top Ten Films of 2010

I didn’t put up a list of my favorite movies of last year at the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 because I knew that there were a lot of titles I hadn’t been able to see yet that looked like viable candidates for a Top Ten. And almost a year later there […]

This and that: BAFTA, Pina, Black Swan, Oscars

The King’s Speech, which I finally got around to seeing, won 7 British film awards last night, including Best Picture and not including Best Director. So my prediction of Fincher winning the Oscar gets some more fuel, even though the odds are still on Hooper. Wim Wenders has some convincing things to say about the […]

Oscar-Nominierungen und erste Prognose

Die Nominierungen sind eine Woche alt und die Fachwelt ist sich einig: The King’s Speech wird Bester Film. Wer letzte Woche noch an The Social Network geglaubt hat wurde spätestens mit den PGA Awards eines besseren belehrt. Tom Hoopers Film ist Jedermanns Liebling, David Fincher wird sich mit dem Regie-Oscar trösten müssen. Mitreden kann ich […]