Media Monday #49

Media Monday #49 Verdammt, schon wieder eine Woche rum, ohne dass sich hier was getan hat. Dabei sind ein paar Drafts in Arbeit… 1. Der beste Film mit Clark Gable ist für mich schwer auszumachen, da die wenigen Filme, die ich mit ihm gesehen habe schon seeeehr lange zurückliegen. 2. Pedro Almodóvar hat mit “Matador” (1986) seine […]

My Top Ten Films of 2010

I didn’t put up a list of my favorite movies of last year at the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011 because I knew that there were a lot of titles I hadn’t been able to see yet that looked like viable candidates for a Top Ten. And almost a year later there […]

October’s movies reviewed, part one

Not over yet, October already is the month I’ve seen the second most films this year, with February being the top-tier – I somehow managed to squeeze 21 movies into its 28 days. 22 if you count the audio-commentary viewing of Alle anderen. But this is October and due to cold weather and a new-found […]