[Criterion] “The Gold Rush” (1925)/”This Is Spinal Tap” (1984)

Charles Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” (1925, Criterion Collection #615) gave us the famous roll dance (so popular, legend has it, that it was shown a second time immediately after it happened at the film’s Berlin premiere), one of many memorable scenes of silent comedy in this very entertaining movie. Watching it on the big screen […]

[Top 5] Movie Phone Calls

I haven’t listened to the latest episode of Filmspotting yet, and before I do, I thought I’d try my hand at their Top 5 this week: Movie Phone Calls. When brainstorming this topic, a lot of scenes came to mind. And I’m sure there are many great ones that I’m not even thinking about. (But […]

December’s movies reviewed

A note: I wrote most of these before yesterday’s Oscar nominations were announced. My thoughts on them, and how I feel about the omissions of Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton, and much, much more in this year’s Oscar-Dialog (or Oscar dialogue?) starting tomorrow. A few days late, but here’s what I watched last month: “Kiss […]

[Top 5] Literaturverfillmungen

Eine neue Top 5, diesmal mit Sonja Hartl von zeilenkino.de: Eigentlich habe ich zu Top-Soundsoviel-Listen ein eher zwiespältiges Verhältnis: Ich lese sie gerne, aber es fällt mir schwer, selbst eine zu erstellen. Alleine schon die Sorge, einen Titel zu übersehen … Aber als nebelicious mich fragte, ob ich nicht Lust hätte, eine Top-5-Liste der besten […]

[Top 5] Weihnachts-Filme

Eine neue Top 5, dieses mal mit folgendem, von Thorsten vorgegebenem Thema: Filme, die zur Weihnachtszeit spielen. Thorstens #5“The Nightmare Before Christmas“(Henry Selick, 1993) Super Film. Super Soundtrack. Auch als Cover:   Nebels #5“Lethal Weapon“(Richard Donner, 1987) … verbindet man jetzt vielleicht nicht sofort mit Weihnachten, aber der Film beginnt tatsächlich mit dem “Jingle Bell […]

August’s movies reviewed

Hanna (Joe Wright, 2011) Chemical Brothers’ score is awesome, as is the movie. U-Bahn fight scene kicks (literal) ass. (B) Shortbus (John Cameron Mitchell, 2006) Beautiful. (B) Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (Rodman Flender, 2011) I enjoyed it, but I’ve been a fan for almost 15 years now. Don’t know if it can hold your interest […]

June’s movies reviewed

Rachel Getting Married (Jonathan Demme, 2008) My favourite film. Watched it in black-and-white this time. Some scenes are too dark for it, but others are quite beautiful.   À bout de souffle (Breathless) (Jean-Luc Godard, 1960) Still catching up on the classics. The hotel scene is pure genius, Godard is a masterful director.   Alle […]