You Want to Believe? Start with “The Erlenmeyer Flask.”

Last year, when Vulture held a March Madness style tournament to determine “the greatest TV drama of the past 25 years,” only three of the eight quarter finalists were shows that originally aired on commercial broadcast networks: Buffy the Vampire Slayer,* Twin Peaks, and my personal favorite, The X-Files. None of them made it any […]

Lawrence Wright talking about “Going Clear” and Scientology

Lawrence Wright has once again caught my attention with his new book “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief,” an expansion on his profile of screenwriter and director Paul Haggis for The New Yorker from two years ago. Wright is not only a great writer, he’s great at talking about it, too, and […]

[You probably haven’t seen] “Last Night” (Don McKellar, 1998)

I made a list on Letterboxd of “my favourite films you probably haven’t seen.” Starting today, I will shine a light on some (maybe all, who knows) of them. The film: “Last Night” (1998) directed and written by, and starring, Don McKellar. (Not to be confused with the romantic drama of the same name.) What’s […]

Von Todestrafe und Kinderfragen

Originally posted on Nebel without a cause:
Neulich in der Innenstadt überhörte ich wie ein ca. fünfjähriges Kind seinen Vater über einen Bettler, der am Strassenrand saß, so etwas fragte wie “Warum sitzt dieser Mann da?” Die Antwort des Vaters kam leider schon ausserhalb meiner Hörweite, aber ich fing an, selbst darüber nachzudenken, wie ich…

October’s movies reviewed, part one

Not over yet, October already is the month I’ve seen the second most films this year, with February being the top-tier – I somehow managed to squeeze 21 movies into its 28 days. 22 if you count the audio-commentary viewing of Alle anderen. But this is October and due to cold weather and a new-found […]