Werner Herzog: The Force Awakens

“There is a rocky island, far out in the sea. And a second, smaller island. They lie on the far edge of the inhabited world.” If these words, spoken by the great actor Josef Bierbichler at the end of Werner Herzog’s 1976 drama Herz aus Glas (Heart of Glass), bring to mind the final shots of a certain, […]

Top 5: Conversations About Movies

When I came up with the idea of compiling a Top 5: Conversations About Movies, I had two scenes in mind already, quickly came up with two more and then struggled for weeks to find a fifth one. I’m sure there are some good ones I’m missing, and I’ll be happy to read about them […]

January’s movies, reviewed

With 33 films in 31 days, January of 2013 has tied with August of 2012 for the most movies I’ve watched in one month. I don’t think that’s a good thing, to be honest, but that’s the way it is. Some stats: The average release year was 1999, the earliest film was 1933’s “King Kong,” […]

The Lion King 3D

Disneys “Der König der Löwen” ist zurück in den Kinos, dieses mal in 3D. In den USA war dieses Experiment so erfolgreich, dass in den nächsten Jahren Titel wie “Finding Nemo” und “Beauty and the Beast” ebenso bearbeitet und neu veröffentlicht werden. Dazu kommen 3D-Versionen von James Camerons “Titanic” und, im Februar 2012 und dann […]

October’s movies reviewed, part one

Not over yet, October already is the month I’ve seen the second most films this year, with February being the top-tier – I somehow managed to squeeze 21 movies into its 28 days. 22 if you count the audio-commentary viewing of Alle anderen. But this is October and due to cold weather and a new-found […]

The Devil and God are Still Not Raging On Vinyl

Mal eben ein kleines Update zu dem Beitrag vom 6. Oktober 2009, in dem ich voller Vorfreude das baldige Erscheinen des Albums “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me” ankündgte, und dem Beitrag von Heiligabend 2009, das von dem schwierigen und letztendlich aussichtslosen Weg erzählte, an eben diese Schallplatte heranzukommen. Amazon führt die Scheibe […]

“unacceptable, intolerable”

“… and contrary to the ideals of humanity and generosity that preside over the very existence of the Festival [de Cannes]”, the festival’s Board of Directors declared in a press release about their decision to ban Lars von Trier from the festival earlier today. Give me a break. Watch the “Melancholia” press conference (the relevant […]