MCU Rewatch, Part 1

Speaking of the Avengers, a few nights ago I started rewatching all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. I had seen all of them before, but it’s been a while for some, especially the early ones. Five movies in, I am having a blast revisiting these, and watching them close together definitely helps me appreciate the “connective tissues” […]

Hold on to your hats!

One of the reasons I was looking forward to finally seeing “The Quiet Man” was its connection to my favorite TV show, “The Simpsons.” In the episode “Brother from the Same Planet,” Homer engages in a long, drawn-out fist fight with Bart’s Bigger Brother, Tom. It wasn’t until I bought the DVD set of season […]

New Best. Episode. Ever.

Feeling down? Why not make yourself comfortable on the couch, watch some classic “Simpsons” episodes and then head over to Best. Episode. Ever. where I enter season 5’s “Homer and Apu” and season 6’s “Sideshow Bob Roberts” into round 4 of the 128th-final of my tournament to determine, once and for all, my favorite episode […]

The Real-Life Drawbacks of Aspect Ratio Preservation

(Update: Another Example of Aspect Ratio Conversion.)     There’s been some noise (at least in my filter bubble) about aspect ratios lately. First when FXX ran old episodes of The Simpsons cropped to fit widescreen TVs, then again this week when HBO announced they are going to rebroadcast The Wire in HD and reformatted to 16:9. […]

March’s movies reviewed, Twitter-style

Catching up a bit. First five movie’s I’ve watched in March 2011 are reviewed here. The others were: Date Night (2010) Meh. Perfect example of something that looks awesome in theory but just doesn’t quite work. Not terrible, just… meh. Strangers on a Train (1951) Classic Hitchcock. Now I finally get all those Simpsons references […]